Wire Jewelry Lessons presents select wire jewelry tutorials from The Wire Artist Jeweller, Chains by Becky and Earrings by Helen.

The Wire Artist Jeweller

A must-have for bead and wire jewelry artists of all skill levels are wire jewelry lessons from The Wire Artist Jeweller magazine regardless of whether your passion is for wirework (wire wrapping), wire sculpting or chain making (chain maille),.

Although this magazine is no longer being published, back issues of The Wire Artist Jeweller still promote professionalism in wirework while demonstrating the versatility of wire, and are still regarded within the wire jewelry community as the best publication for wire jewelry artists.

First started in 1998, The Wire Artist Jeweller magazine meets the needs of beginners, intermediate and advanced artists alike. The wire jewelry tutorials are beautifully photographed and include highly detailed instructions.

Along with these wire jewelry tutorials are informative and entertaining feature articles, valuable coaching, galleries showcasing wire jewelry artists' work, and access to suppliers that wirework artists truly value. Read a free article on Getting Started.

However, central to The Wire Artist Jeweller are its wire jewelry tutorials -- the best wire jewelry lessons you will use -- to advance your skills in wirework while learning to make attractive hand-crafted wire jewelry.

When these jewelry lessons were prepared as PDF tutorials for Wire Jewelry Lessons, the contributing feature artists’ bios were attached.

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Though The Wire Artist Jeweller is no longer published, timeless back issues are available in hard copy format at www.wirejeweler.com


Chains by Becky

Wire Jewelry Lessons is also proud to present wire jewelry tutorials from Chains by Becky.

Featuring the chain maille artist, Becky Goga, Chains by Becky includes 20 chain maille tutorials along with five bonus lessons. These tutorials range from novice through advanced (about half at the intermediate skill level) and are an excellent resource for any chain maker or wirework artist just getting into chain making.

Becky Goga is well-known to the readers of The Wire Artist Jeweller magazine. She is an extraordinary chain maille artist who, by simply using jump rings, creates exceptionally beautiful bracelets and chains. Often sharing her passion for chain maille, Becky not only taught but learned from her fellow artists. And she always looks for the easiest way to illustrate and explain - step by step – her techniques.

Of the many challenges faced while compiling Chains by Becky, none was more obvious than the realization that for any given chain maille design there may be numerous other, well-known names. For instance, the Byzantine chain maille tutorial is also known as: King's Link, Idiot's Box, Etruscan, Idiot's Delight, Fool's Dilemma, Idiot's trap, Bird's Nest and Bird Cage (and there may be others). Nothing can be more confusing to a new chain maille artist than having different names assigned to the same chain design. Whenever possible, these names have been sought out and provided within the introduction to the tutorial.

Furthermore, each tutorial from Chains by Becky is beautifully photographed, showing extremely close detail, and each tutorial has carefully presented instructions (complete with wire and mandrel sizes) to help the artist successfully complete each chain.

Here, then, at Wire Jewelry Lessons, is your chance to pick and choose the tutorials you want. Our prices are inexpensive – some tutorials are even free.

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Should you want a hard copy of the book, Chains by Becky, it is available at www.wirejeweler.com

In addition to this information, upon the first release of Chains by Becky, for every book sold, $1 was donated to AboutFace — an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing ongoing support to individuals (and their families) who have facial differences, no matter whether that person was born with the condition, developed it through illness or became disfigured because of an accident. To learn more, please visit their website: http://www.aboutfaceinternational.org.

Upon the second printing of Chains by Becky, for every book now sold, one dollar will be donated to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada — a founding member and active participant of the International Brain Tumor Alliance (IBTA),and the Canadian Alliance of Brain Tumour Organizations (CABTO). Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is also a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reaching individuals (and their families) affected by a brain tumour by offering them viable support and information while continuing to fund brain tumour research through their annual grants-in-aid program. For more information, please visit their website at www.braintumour.ca

Should you wish to make a donation to either worthwhile cause, you can do so directly on their web site. However, if you would like to match our $1 donation (even this small amount can a difference when enough people join in!), there is a spot to do so on our Secure Order page at www.wirejeweler.com Your donation will then be forwarded to the organization of your choice.


Earrings by Helen

Joining Wire Jewelry Lessons are wire jewelry tutorials from Earrings by Helen

Once again, Helen Goga (publisher of The Wire Artist Jeweller and Chains by Becky) and Alan Gooding (graphic artist and editor of both publications) have prepared an eye-catching book on earring designs entitled Earrings by Helen, for wirework and jewelry artists. And now these designs are available as tutorials here at Wire Jewelry Lessons.

Covering earring designs, findings, components, and ear cuffs, Earrings by Helen PDF tutorials range from novice to advanced (with more than half at the beginner-to-intermediate skill levels) and is an excellent resource for any wire jewelry artist.

All the tutorials from Earrings by Helen are beautifully photographed, showing extremely close detail, and these jewelry lessons have carefully written instructions (complete with supply and tool lists) to help wire jewelry artists successfully complete each tutorial.

By simply using tools (no solder), wire, stones, beads, gems and pearls, Helen once again demonstrates how to make beautiful (but inexpensive) wire jewelry through these easy-to-follow PDF tutorials.

Learn: the tricks of the trade, all about tools and specialty pliers, the properties of wire, how to control your pliers and wire, and how to twist your wire evenly along its length. Find out what you need to know about tumbling and polishing your wire jewelry.

If you have ever wondered about finishing techniques that will make your wire jewelry stand out, or if you’re just tired of your wire jewelry looking average, learn from someone who is well-known for coaching wire jewelry artists (of all skill levels) so they, too, can design and make well-constructed, flawless wire jewelry.

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Featuring 22 earring tutorials plus five bonus designs, Earrings by Helen was published under the banner of WireJeweler and is still available in book form at www.wirejeweler.com